Posted by: Larzizou | October 30, 2007

London, England

My previous post mentioned that my itinerary was subject to the whims of destiny. As it happened, I was not meant to leave the European continent without stepping by the City, and pay a visit to one of my best friends, since high school : Guyve Sardari. Thank you British Airways.

Together, in little more than 5 hours, we were able to hang out at his place, visit London in his brand new scooter (including Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben, the big place with the glowing Coke advertising board – I call it the londonian londoner (props to Raph B.) Time Square -, …), have dinner at the London offspring of the famed Parisian restaurant “Le Relais de Venise – L’entrecote” (my first official round-the-world non-kosher experience) and ride back to his place.

A few hours later, I was to deploy herculean strength to lift and bring my backpack back to the airport terminal, and – finally – fly to Nairobi.



  1. tu ecris si bien !

  2. je suis un gros blaireau

  3. keep it real
    j ai l impression que tu mises davantage sur l humour a present..

  4. Tu oublies de mentionner les 5 femmes que tu as saluees en un si bref passage dans la capitale britanique

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