Posted by: Larzizou | December 28, 2007

Nairobi, Kenya

So this is it. I am finally gone. I escaped the comfortable nest my parents knotted around my wings. For the second time ! First New York, now the world. Who would have thought.

By the time I land in Nairobi, my mother´s tears must have dried up. But my anxiety is only starting to grow. As I am heading to my hotel in the taxi, the ambient smell of burnt land reminds me of India. In my somehow dusty and bugs-friendly room, I feel obliged to read about the country, so I open the Lonely Planet guide I brought. Too tired for the history section, I directly skim to the amenities only to find out that my hotel used to be a brothel. The old white man and fit young local I run into at the reception must be remnants of the past…

The following morning, I am visiting the city. I am in Kenya, no doubt about it.


Africa unravels before my stunned eyes…


…with its markets…


…its institutions…


…its streets…



…its future…


…and its oddities…


Yes, an outdoor smoking zone defined by wooden picks and barbwire…and actually respected!



A political rally ? A protest ? Did I almost get killed ? I wish the story was that juicy; only the anniversary of the third president…


Later that day, I am visiting the giraffe sanctuary. There are three distinct types of giraffes. Below, a Rothschild giraffe.


Very logically, warthogs (Pumbas, in Disney’s Lion King) at the giraffe sanctuary.


Feeding the giraffes.

Now you might wonder who the hell this girl is, and why do I not appear on any picture. The explanation is very simple. The first day I spent in Africa is the very day I broke my camera, after three years. You may think “yeah…but the memory card ? ” The memory card got stolen into someone else´s camera in Zimbabwe, see here. As a result, all the pictures present in this blog, at least for the African part of the trip, come from other people´s cameras. Since I travelled with these people for about two months, I more or less did what they did and saw what they saw, so not much must be missing.

Also, it might be useful to precise now that each picture must be seen in full resolution (i.e. better quality) simply by clicking on it.


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