Posted by: Larzizou | December 30, 2007

On the road, Zambia

I am not doing justice to Zambia, but I have very few pictures of the country and even less memories, so this post will be short. We barely stopped in Lilongwe and Lusaka, and were mostly on the road.


At 80km per hour, it gets really windy in the truck, so most morning, we use our sleeping bags, as Jade is below.


Besides reading, there is not much to do but enjoying the omnifarious landscapes. I know; I just wanted to use the word I just discovered, even if improperly.










In Lusaka, we spend a few hours at a mall, almost like home. It’s a big change from Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi. In the city center, the streets are paved and that also is a big change. Curious, I try a burger a Steed; let’s just say I will not renew the experience. Running out of books, I shop at the bookstore, where Shakespeare, Faulkner but also Liar’s Poker can be found on the shelves. Finding Liar’s Poker here seems to me not only surprising but out of place as well.

Zambia was just a transitory step to the amazing…Zimbabwe.


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