Posted by: Larzizou | January 3, 2008

Victoria Falls – Various, Zimbabwe

Today, it’s Gabbitch’s birthday. She´s thirty and visibly happy. Should she?


So we celebrate with a 2-hour “booz cruise” on the Zambezi. Danger lurks.


Such sharp teeth !


Hats are in fashion. On the left, Drew, from Australia, who arrived a few days ago. In life, he’s interested in natural phenomena, especially geysers (gas emissions) and earthquaaaaaaaaaaakes.


As night is starting to fall, it gets very scenical…


…and windy…



… which thrills Jade…


…but does not bother the crew-musicians.


Very quickly, the river is raging and the boat becomes so unstable that we have to draw alongside the bank. The only problem is that as we cannot control anything, the boat runs aground and sharp tree branches comes in our direction at full speed. Girls start screaming. And suddenly, I see a stream of blood coming from Leeann’s head.


Kudos to her, she was really brave (or drunk?), much more than others that didn´t get hurt. Note that she still holds her glass.



The night before, we went to a game restaurant (or “place of eating”), the first for me : Boma. There, a 1 USD fortune teller I consulted twice successively derived from throwing tiny stones in the air that I would know success not before six AND eight years, have one AND two wives, four AND as many children as I wanted. Not so reliable… At the same time, he told Hungritch that she was “strong like a man”, which she undeniably is (see below).


Eating wild animals made me…wild. They now have a golden plate at the entrance of the restaurant bearing Hungritch’s name as she officially broke the record (until then held by a former world champion sumotori), eating as many as 17 plates of meat. I could only do two. Kudos to her (in the middle).



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