Posted by: Larzizou | January 6, 2008

Harnas Wildlife Foundation, Windhoek, Namibia

Namibia is the penultimate country we are visiting ! Finally ! Such enthusiasm because by now, after a little more than a month spent in the truck…I want to kill (almost) everybody. Sometimes for petty reasons and sometimes not. I let you judge which is which : Hungritch’s high-pitched voice, my chores-group reproaches for being 0.7 minute late every now and then, our tour leader authoritarianism, developing cliquism in the group… But I am learning to stand back and silence myself.

Seeing animals – again – will do me good. Note that the pictures below are only pictures of animals not appearing in previous posts so as not to get the reader bored. How kind of me.

In the morning, not too early for once (think 8am), we are feeding the caged animals at the Harnas Wildlife Foundation. A lot of volunteers, many of whom probably attracted by the glamour associated with the place. Angelina Jolie is Harnas’ “patron”, and pictures of her and Brad are ubiquitous in the park (and in their website).

Gourmet food to be distributed.


Do you want a piece of me ?


Nature at work. The turtle in the front kept “walking” for about an hour (I could not get my eyes off of them – I am just curious) while the one behind was trying to do business with her. Maybe she was trying to escape unsollicited coitus. If she was, well, she was too slow. Sucks to be a female turtle. At this point, I am not sure what the third turtle on the left is expecting (form a turtle pyramid?) …


Chilling. That’s how life should be is.


Now, getting to the dangerous animals. Below, a wild Australian.



Most – if not all – of you must have or have had dogs. Even I had a (crazy) dog. What good dogs can do to us ? I still ignore (although I now remember that the character Ali G. found a striking use for his dog at the beginning of the eponymous movie). But you have no idea how much good we do to them. Really. Below, wild dogs.


How ugly is that ?


How ugly is that – brothers fighting for a steak ?


These guys have no moral, they’d kill each other (and you). And the way they endlessly squeal… Thank god I am not carrying a rifle.

Lynxes are pretty amazing. Their screams is in between meowing and roaring. Look at their eyes.


These two were playing a well-known thugs game: “baisse tes yeux” (look down) or “ferme ta race” (shut your race (?)). People play it in the subway or suburban train around Paris in France. The rule is very simple : two persons must hold each other’s look. The first to blink or look elsewhere loses (and is a wuss / loser). That simple.

Lynxes are really good because I observed them for a good five minutes and still couldn’t say who won. I wish I was a lynx.



At last, cheetahs. First, outside the fence.


And then, in the arena. Very expressive eyes again.


What are they waiting for ?


Food. That is when you need a good camera.


The difference with wild dogs : not all of them try to get one piece of meat, only 3 or 4 (duh!), and once the meat is grabbed, they leave the lucky one get away with it. Classy, like Englishmen.


The best shot we have. Thanks Canon (and Hungritch).


Circus show.


Fed and calm anew…




  1. “wild dogs”= Lycaon, français. Animal sanguinaire qui a été quasiment exterminé dans les national park kenyans parce qu’il tue tout les animaux qu’il croise… lorsqu’il est en meutes, bien sûr.

  2. Phil, surely my voice cannot even be ranked alongside the other two…Especially as I know how much you disliked the third annoyance

  3. Hungritch, learn to read : “I let you judge which is which”.

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