Posted by: Larzizou | May 2, 2008

Florianopolis, Brazil

We are happy because we don’t know…


A Brazilian arm.


A swollen head.


An over-bright picture.


Brazilian snobby people.


Right after I took this picture, the brunette with the white dress came to me and asked me to erase it. As if…


Coincidence number two. As I am sipping a caipiroska and looking around, my left shoulder hit someone. I look up and see…my cousin Mickael (he’s taller than I am). He has been working in Sao Paulo for about a month and came to Florianopolis for the weekend. Naturally, he had to go to the same club (there are dozens in Floripa) the same night.


Time to get out (and pay), the club is pretty well equipped.


Now…we know. We understood the cover would cost 70 reals (nearly 40 USD) and include as much credit (on the card shown below) for drinks . So we ordered drinks, drinks and more drinks for a total close to 70 reals. The bill for each of us came near to 150 reals. Damn we need to learn Portuguese !


A Portuguese girl we kept on meeting every day in Florianopolis.


Initially, these pastas were conveniently cooked to last a few days. Wale post-club appetite made them last only a few hours…


For more, see Youri’s post.



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