Posted by: Larzizou | June 8, 2008

Arraial d’Ajuda, Brazil

Arraial d’Ajuda is a small coastal village, in between Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. It is famous for its Israeli traveling population. One of its nickname is Israel d’Ajuda. There is one nice beach. And one ugly Slavic below.


In the shade – that’s how these two look best.


Tonight, we go to Porto Seguro for a party where, we are told, more than 14 000 persons will show up. We certainly hope so, the ticket sells for 50 reals. Included in the ticket price is the 30 minutes boat ride to Porto Seguro (after the 40 minutes bus ride). At the dock, at 1am, fishing…


Far from 14 000 persons show up. But the sexy dance show make up for it. The redhead on the left is a portena (i.e. inhabitant of Buenos Aires). When Ouah-lait asks her why she moves the way she does here but nothing similar can be seen in Buenos Aires, she replies ” this is the instinct, this is Brazil, this is crazy.”


Let’s see how she dances in the video.

Could “França” be France ?


Then what would Holanda be ?


Pristine beach.


La plage blanche. The owner is French and also owns a beach in St Tropez.


I am Brazil.


Walking on the edge.


It’s a hard knock life.


Baby come to me.


Somewhere over the rainbow…




  1. Nice, i want to go to Arraial d’Ajuda also, what is the best time to go?

  2. I went there last year in Arraial d’Ajuda, relaxed place, great beaches, great hotels, nightlife…

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