Posted by: Larzizou | June 22, 2008

Uyuni, Bolivia

Be prepared to click on many of the pictures this post contains. Uyuni is the most dream-like sight I have visited so far, by far. The first day, the first halt.

Doing some shopping. The strong wind makes you forget the sun’s radiance.

Here are the “salares”, the salt desert.

Tanned after only a few hours spent “en route”.

More desert shots.

Digging the salt.

Our (waterproof) jeep.

In the jeep…

The salt hotel. Very disappointing. But this is the lunch break, so we don’t waste time there anyway.

Kaloan, a Brazilian from Sao Paulo, taking advantage of the fresh air. He is heading to Europe next. Behind, I believe, Barbara, a 26 year old Italian currently teaching Italian at the university in Ecuador.

Time for the pictures everybody does. Mine are not that good. Youri’s and Wale’s are better. If you search for “Uyuni+visual+effect” in Google, I am sure you will find even better pictures.

The floating mountain. Another visual effect.

On top of the world, in the train cemetery. Still the first of the three-day excursion.

On the left, Stephen, a 26 year old artist from New York, on a quest to save humankind. Kaloan faces him. Music is THE universal language… Later on, Isabel will take the guitar and teach us kid songs.

An old classic – “Lama, como te llama ?”

Because people generally look better in black and white – and mountains too.

A silver-backed fox.

It’s time for a deep reflection.


Life in cartoon colors.

Our guide and me. Very friendly guy with a disproportionated taste for odd music (and unfortunately in charge of the radio in the jeep).

The middle of nowhere.

The middle of nowhere – with people in it.

I wish there was more to say.

We played hide and seek there. Considering the vastness of the premises, you have to count to 1,000 before starting to seek. I won.

The famous “arbol de piedra”.

Lifting the rocks (and I don’t work out).

El lago colorado.

Just click on the picture below.

And the video too.

Our second night together in the most basic accommodation I have ever slept in. It's cold and concrete surrounds us, but we manage to enjoy each other's company. On the left and standing, Isabel and Henrik, two germans in their early thirties on a long trip too.

I told you we managed to have fun. Barbara tells a story in Spanish. I do not perfectly understand Spanish. Kaloan speaks Portuguese so he's ok.

This is... Kaloan.

Third day, at 06h am, the geysers. Being that early and at more than 5,000 meters, it is absolutely freezing.

Another geyser.

Stop - Danger - Don't Get Close.

Our whole group, that is the two Germans, the Italian, the Brazilian, the American, the French and the cook and the driver. It is very hard for us to stand here, because of the horrible smell of the geysers (gas emissions) and the cold. By the way, our cook is wonderful. She does lama steaks perfectly. This is why there are warning panels on the side of the road. For the lamas to be careful.

The good thing about the video is that you are there, but you don't incur what we have to (refer above - smell and temperature).

Seizing the instant.

On the road again.

At 7h30 am, we reach the hot springs. It's still very cold.

Surrealistic sight, isn't it ?

The hotspring.

Should we go ? We hesitate a lot, because it is freezing and we did not bring swimsuits.

Kaloan, Steven and I - in it.

Pelicans chilling.

The three of us - chilling.

You can tell from the sky color that day advances.

And now, it's daytime. In the cold, we drive towards the Chilean border, all of us except Barbara and I continue hasta San Pedro de Atacama.

Some more reflection.

El lago verde.

Next comes La Paz !



  1. Very cool! Thanks for the pix

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