Posted by: Larzizou | June 26, 2008

La Paz, Bolivia

The actual capital of Bolivia… For now. Lots of ongoing talks about independence of parts of the country.

Capital’s ornaments look like one another, no ?

A very “aerial” city. La Paz is one of the highest cities in the world, at about 12,000 feet. You don’t believe me ? Check this link. At this height, very hard to breathe. I found myself catching my breath at night, almost suffocating.

Another picturesque city.

You never guessed what the 21st century epidemic was… Arthritis. That is what Salud (“Health”) reveals. Now, I do not understand why Buena Salud, a local paper, insists on showing you pictures you would usually find in medical encyclopedia.

Who hasn’t heard of New York’s Blue Note? Now, La Paz’ Blue Note is a real discovery..

When I stumbled upon “Yussef”, this local, much revered, Lebanese eatery…

… my thoughts went directly to Tarek Daher, a young entrepreneur with unmatched talents…

…and so I had to take these pictures for him and intoxicate myself with his home food. Will he recognize what I ate (tu peux t’aider du menu…) ?

At night, Loki, the guesthouse where I am staying becomes a dark, vicious place. In case you are wondering why we are wearing togas, this is the toga party and anybody who is not wearing one has to leave. Around me, left to right, Andreas and Stefan. Two Germans from Munich I met in my dorm room.

This is Mango’s, one of the (very few) places to be in La Paz. Restaurant as well as bar. “Pacenas” look at you as if you were a tasty lama steak…

After Mango comes Orange – not Naranja ,which cost Ouah-lait and earned Youri 5 USD, correct ?) -, THE (only) club. Unfortunately, the only picture I have to show for it is one of Andreas with a sculptural Bolivian. And we do not see much.

Meanwhile, Stefan and I take pictures like it’s 97 in China. Maybe Stefan was preparing himself, because he is now in China.

Anyway, after Orange comes a very special bar. A coke bar. Meaning : people go at the counter and order white powder that they consume at their table. As it is the only place open that late with music and people , my two German buddies and I go there even though we do not snort. Definitely something to see though.

Two friends we met late at night (or early in the morning, I cannot remember).



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