Posted by: Larzizou | August 1, 2008

Bogotà, Colombia

Bogota… I had not planned to stop there. But here I am, for almost three weeks in Colombia. Colombia is much less visited than most other countries in South America, probably due to the violence associated with the – now defunct – druglord era. This may explain why people are so warm, friendly and apparently genuinely happy to see tourists.

Street art.

La Candelaria area.

Cute narrow streets in La Candelaria, where Platypus, my hostel, is. Many backpackers come to Bogota to snort cocaine all day long. The city has so much more to offer…

One more shot of La Candelaria.

You have to be French to understand. Naf Naf and Chevignon… French brands dating from the 80s. There was a point in time where people were fighting to get a “doudoune Chevignon”. People probably actually fought in stores. People say fashion is cyclical – I hope this trend NEVER comes back, at any cost. I doubt you can find any of these two brands in France now, much less so close to each other.

After Lima and Santiago, I am back in Gaston Acurio kingdom : the Bogota branch of his famed restaurant Astrid y Gaston. I opt for the tasting menu, and… for once… am displeased by some of the dishes.

The ceviche, a Peruvian version of seasoned sashimi, tastes rather bland to me.

The “causa” limena. Sweet potato stuffed with crab and tuna. Not the least impressive – though the orange sauce is good. Don’t be misled by the fork’s shadow.

Thank g.od this dish came. Excellent.

The meat was not so tender…

And the last straw.

Disappointing. Even though tourism is not that much developed in the city, there is an important Israeli backpacking community. So much than Hebrew scriptures can be found on the walls everywhere in the area.

Probably the most famous Colombian living artist, Fernando Botero has a museum dedicated to him in Bogota (he is from Medellin). I saw a documentary about him when I was in Dar Es Salaam. He lived abroad in exile for decades as it was too dangerous for him to stay within the country. Death, ransom and/or abduction.

A generous man.

His distinctive style is…

…obese creatures.

Obese bird.

The Master’s hand ?

The Master and his wife ?

Also a painter. Botero’s Mona Lisa.

Botero’s Christ.

Botero’s thief.

A (violent) Colombian scene.

A Chagall !

A Dali !

A ??? ! Remember that he donated all of them. Generous.

Courtyard inside the museum.

View of Bogota from the top of its tallest building.

Yeah, weather sucked.

On Sunday, an Indian street show, as I am looking (in vain) for a huge Pablo Escobar picture, for my Unabrow friend Tarek Daher.

Pollo asado. Better than fried. For 5 dollars.

The Marquez media library in Bogota. Fascinating. In the same international literature shelves, the last Bret Easton Ellis, Houellebecq, Hugo’s Miserables, Lessing… All translated.

It took me an hour to find the famous Museo del Auro (gold Museum) – closed for renovations and relocated… across the street from the Museo Botero. So gold it is. Mostly pre-colombian pieces.

Across the city library, this human-sized rendition of a page of El Principito (Le petit prince) by Saint Exupery. This surprises me as I am currently reading it – in Spanish !

Many monuments dedicated to Jorge Eliecer Gaitan. I had no idea of who he was – this article helped me.

Judging from this flowery image, people must still love him.

Since it is located in the same complex, I visit the last main museum there is in the city.

The story behind this picture is quite amazing. Exhibited at New York’s Museum of Modern Art – even though governor Rockfeller sat on the board of trustees.

Morphing. Don’t date your cousins.

Romain Cruset Dejean, in From Here to Eternity.

Richard Long is an artist – or is he ? The 24 wooden sticks laying on the floor constitute “24 Pieces of Wood”. Worth millions. I definitely do not understand art – much less so modern art.

Light plays.

Do you know “interfunktionen” ? This is what they published.

The praying room at Bogota’s airport.

Three costumed friends going to a party.



  1. je ne suis pas ton seul unabrow friend. oh.
    je suis le plus cool, si tu veux.

  2. fucking funny asshole, i hope you never come back

  3. ?

  4. Yes, if you come back we’ll cut your throat

  5. a picture of a dog on your site

    We are starting a section on Dogs in Bogota and Colombia,and saw a dog image on your site.

    Would like to use it if possible

    thank you

  6. Yeah, you can use it, no problem.

  7. […] la Mona Lisa…de Botero. Dont j’ai vu l’original à Bogota il y a quelques mois, cliquez ici. C’est vraiment pas l’artiste que j’aurai imaginé représenté […]

  8. hola espero que te haya gustado Bogotá, y esperamos que vuelvas… de donde eres? chao

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