Posted by: Larzizou | August 1, 2008

Santiago, Chile

As a gateway to Easter Island and crossing the Pacific, I stop in Santiago de Chile. This is my first stop in Chile. I stay in the Bellavista bohemian area, at the Bellavista Hostel, recommended by my Lonely Planet guidebook, once more.

Graphic arts grace the walls.

Bohemian as I said. Sometimes dirty, as you see.

Although it is my first time in the city, I am not alone: Karin, that I met in Itacare in Brazil two months earlier, shows me the city and invites me to her place for drinks before we go out in Bellavista. I am the only man surrounded by six Chilenas chicas. Tough.

This is the lovely Karin.

Her friend, Javiera, became quite intimate with my friend Youri at a beach party. As usual, you may check his blog.

Her other friend named Javiera as well (on the left) is tiny and drank so much whiskey that she fell sick and could not accompany us out, at Clandestino.

Chilenas in movement…

The residential area of Las Condes where Karin lives with her sister. Stylish.

As I am stuck in Santiago for about ten days (lost my ticket to Easter Island and have to wait and reschedule all my following tickets), I have time to visit the city. The city center.

A Supreme Court decision banning the morning-after pill just passed and as abortion is forbidden as well, the street demonstrates in/its furor. Now, Chilenas have to leave the country to get aborted. Hence the boards stating “la piladora es solo para los ricos” (the pill is only for the rich).

La calle Nueva York, or New York street. As a matter of fact, it does remotely resembles New York.

Can’t you see the flatiron building ?

Flat screens in the subway… and even Wi-Fi internet connection. Yes, in spite of its geographical situation, Chile does not belong to the third world.

Fred and Maeva, two French working as flight attendants for Emirates. I meet them a Monday night at my hostel.

The front desk at Bellavista. Obama 2008 sticker, had to be.

I also indulge with the city best restaurants. Below, the decorated bathroom of the much recommended Arakana. Cactus and panties.

Still the men bathroom. White chalk and blackboard to write anything you feel like. The left one reads “Don’t worry about future problems, worry about the one in your hands. New Zealand beer is good for you, and girls with big tits. How lucky are we ?” And then, I am not sure…

Fleur de courgette fourree au crab. Still at Arakana.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I greatly enjoyed the restaurant Astrid y Gaston in Lima where the chef, Gaston Acurio, prepares delightful dishes. It should come as no surprise that I went to the Santiago offset to test the water. Not up to par with the Lima branch, but still extremely good. Below, crab and shrimp filled black agnolotti in a divine sauce.

Suckling goat with steamed vegetables and mashed sweet potatoes. Amazing.

Other restaurants in Santiago, I would highly recommend Aqua and Nolita, but definitely not Cuerovaca !



  1. I love your new photos, good look in Thailand! Besos!

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