Posted by: Larzizou | September 9, 2008

Melbourne, Australia

Over with South America ? Not really. Still reading – with a dictionary – Spanish literature casual or master-pieces. Such is my desire to learn the language.

I crossed the Pacific ! And for the first time, I skipped a day : left the six, arrived the 8th, even though the flight lasted less than twenty four hours.

After la vida loca, welcome to another world that Virgin sums up in white letters on red flags : faster, smoother, quieter…

Although I landed from Santiago in Sydney, I took a flight to Melbourne directly to meet the Itches sisters. Facing me (left) is Hungritch and on the right is Gabbitch (hence “the itches sisters). They look thrilled to see me after all this time (five months).

Mulberry street, ah remembrances of New York.

According to Hungritch, the tram embodies Melbourne. So I take a picture (but fail to understand what is so great about it).

I follow Hungritch and her students (she’s a school teacher) at an Indonesian musical and martial arts (Pencak Silat) show in the city theater.

First, dance. Very cute young girl.

The students and I. I walk with style. And I am getting one of these uniforms when I come back to Paris.

Hungritch and her students. They seem to hate her. She does not seem to notice it though.

The central station, the tram… and me. I have “rocky roads” in my hand. I never had them. Quite good chocolate covered marshmallows – but heavy.

The canal somehow reminded me of the Seine in Paris. I see no reason why now. But I like the bird atop the light. That is art, indeed.

There is something about Hungritch : she would do anything for potatoes. She breathes, thinks, acts potatoes. She lives for potatoes. Once, she won over Chuck Norris at a potato eating contest. So when she see this gigantic potato… that’s what she does.

Vires Acquirit Eundo (“We gather strength as we go”) is the motto of the city. That is why Hungritch eats spuds in the street : to embrace the culture. She was born and raised in Patchewolloch (Hungritch, I know that reading this, you are screaming with your high pitched weird voices, which transcribes happiness un your own language) and tries to embrace the culture. Other possible explanation : she was born to live in Melbourne.

The city business district. Talk about a circus.

Melbourne is also a green city…

Who is this Fagg ?

The Itches sisters take me for a day trip along the great ocean road (which should be renamed : the freaking long ocean road). Surfers in the ice cold water.

This guy looks like the Fantastic 4 silver surfer.

A hidden beach. How beautiful is that ?

Unfortunately, not so hidden… Will have to come back during the sunny season.

I always represent. On this picture, you see me wearing Jacob’s sunglasses (one of the two Swedish dentists I met in Easter Island). He gave them to me at the airport, when we split up. That’s how sentimental Swedish can be. So I feel like I need to represent (Sweden) and (with my dark complexion, have no other choice but to) wear them on every occasion (I am not going to dye my hair).

This is not one of the 12 apostles. I have decided not to show any picture of the twelve apostles because you can find them and google (and because I mistakenly erased the resized pictures I use for the blog and fo not feel like doing the job twice).

One itch sister.

And the second. This is how childish they are. So close to thirty !

You are probably wondering “how did he manage to take such a great pictures, with such great colors?” Although it is not in my habits to reveal the tricks of the magician, I will make an exception here. I put the lenses of the camera…through my/Jacob sunglasses !

Genius, no ? Apocalyptic vision. By the way, I will not tell what the four rocks are, but you can guess…

A hell of a rock.

The private beach, again. As some (French) people walked in, I pretended to be mute.

I have no clue why, Hungritch wanted to take this picture. Well, I have a clue : because P.C. are also my initials. Still, this is a very nut idea.

You may not know this about Australians. In your head, you probably think “they are fun and tan and muscular and smile all the time and all”. True. But there is something wrong with their license plates. In the state of Victoria, where Melbourne is located (you ignorant), most of the plates read…

… or…

No comment. At the Eureka tower, dominating the skyline.

Te city view we get from there. You can see that locals hate their city so much as is that they feel the need to build and improve it constantly. Note from the author : I would do the same (if I lived in Melbourne).

Below, what most intellectually honest people would call a failed poor man’s Eiffel Tower. Don’t you agree Hungritch ?

The stadium ! Known only to the Melburnians !!!

Only black and white can do justice a big favor to this city.

See, ugly anew.

This is the book Gabbitch and I chose as the most inaptly named of all time. It’s more like “1001 buildings you must NOT see before you die”. And most of them are in… Well, you guessed : Mel-boring.

The Eureka tower on top of which we saw the whole city. Wow.

Gabbitch and a weird individual with yellow glasses. What is wrong with people.

A gigantic burger ! With skinny legs !

Mais que fait la police ?



  1. “As some (French) people walked in, I pretended to be mute”

    tres tres bon celle la!

  2. Eh oui, ne redirige pas les lecteurs de vers larzizou… ils ne reviendront jamais !

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