Posted by: Larzizou | September 10, 2008

Cairns, Australia

No jokes. Really. That reminds me of that guy who made such a joke post 9/11 on a US inbound flight to a flight attendant who did not share his sense of humor and was jailed.

Upon leaving the unremarkable Noosa (note to random internet explorer / potential traveler : don’t go to Noosa), where I stop briefly, I notice some (un)holy scriptures on the bench. Skank !

Dogs with rabies !

Back to business in Cairns, on the North Eastern coast.

This is Cairns beach : no beach.

It really is a small city. Mostly inhabited by tourists, people in the tourism industry or Australians from other parts of the country.

That still boasts state-of-the-art equipments. Below, free public street grills.

I was going to run after him to scare him, but then I saw his muscular father approaching.

So little happens in Cairns that even birds don’t feel like they need to fly, and just lazy up on the “beach”.

No beach but a huge public swimming pool facing the marina.

Really huge. And kept warm.

The interest in Cairns should not be (and is not) taken in the city itself, but rather in the barrier reef. Today, I go aboard Passions catamaran to the outer barrier and Michaelmas Cay. And do not regret it. Saddening that the barrier is threatened by human activity.

Fishes swimming around the boat.

We will snorkel around this island.

There are more than 150,000 birds of all sorts living on the island.

The water is not deeper than 3-4 meters. No need to dive – snorkeling is perfect. The site is magnificent. Way better than Zanzibar. I have never seen such bright colored corals or fish. It really is a natural wonder.

Hitchcock’s Birds could have been shot here. But it would have been a very boring movie. Or maybe documentary.

As you can see above and below, birds occupy most of the island. Humans are only allowed on a tiny portion.

Back to Cairns, trying to enhance my photographic skills.

This one is nice. No ?

But this one is nicer. No ?

Yoni, Israeli, 25, sleeps in my dormitory room. He came for the diving. And meeting local women.

This 18 year old British too.

Already leaving Cairns… And the best view from the Great Barrier Reef probably.

Life in cartoon colors.

Another reef.

I love aerial shots.



  1. In case you are wondering, I had nothing to say. Hence the very boring comments I made in between pictures. I guess I should have refrained.

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