Posted by: Larzizou | September 10, 2008

Cape Tribulation, Australia

Cape Tribulation is only two hours from Cairns, and was first discovered by Captain Cook. All the surrounding places, beaches, islands, islets bear unfortunate names : Sorrow, Black, Gloomy, Isolation, Desolate, and so on. G.od (and historians) knows what the Captain went through before giving such names.

The Daintree rainforest is the main attraction of the area, and it is what it is : a rainforest. Not a real forest. If you wonder what a rainforest is… You guesses it : wikipedia. Too lazy to provide the link this time though.

I had the biggest trouble taking decent pictures.

Really, how ? With fences and barriers and boards. How stupid do you need to be ?

There is not much to say.

That’s what I mean by “not a real forest”. I am not trying to play too cool for school “I went to the Amazonian jungle”, but you don’t feel like you are in the forest when even the slightest steps are made out of concrete. Not straining, less interesting.

And the bridge, with more cables than on a Disneyland attraction…

A distinctively good looking young man with a peculiar taste for bright colors.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the bridge.

In the van to Cape Tribulation. English and Arabic. I wonder who the manufacturer is.

Now, to the zoo.

It does not show on the picture, but the spider was larger than my whole fist.

First time ever I see such a bird – whose species I forgot.

And first time I see a Cassowary. I bet you never even heard of them

If you go to Australia, you have to eat a… Kangaroo. Have not eaten some yet; this is how it looks in real life.

The cassowary in full. The uglies animal ever.

Amethystine Python. Scary as Australia’s largest python. Fed mainly of large animals, including wallabies and human beings. This one is five meters long. The largest ever found in Australia was eight and a half. Suffocation is the way they kill you. Every breath you take/release, it contracts itself more closely against your body.

Baby wallaby. Run.

Nasty beast. At least five meters long.

In vivid (that is the mode of my camera) color.

As I was peering at this nice snake through his glass cage, he suddenly started staring at me, intensely. It seemed unlikely and thought I was making this up. Then he started moving his body slowly, in circle, so as to give him a stance… and jumped at me. With a heart thirty years older, I would have had a heart attach. Probably the scariest experience I endured in months.

If I were to compute the ratio price/#of time worn, these flip flips would rank first in the list of shoes I ever bought.

Queensland – The Smart State. Australians don’t fear anything.

Best view I had from my whole stay in the Cap.

The rainforest…

Special road signs. The animal is, of course, a cassowary. According to our driver/guide, to whom the signs are mistakenly attributed, more than sixty died last year being run over by careless drivers.

Don’t mess with Texas.

He will not go unnoticed…

Weird spiky roots of trees bordering the lake.

The following string of four shots is nothing less than outstanding. Each of these four pictures deserves to be clicked on, in my (very) humble opinion.

Sunset at Port Douglas. A completely unremarkable city, if not for the fact that it caters the wealthy and powerful…

Bill Clinton is said to have a mansion here.

All major foreign personalities stepping by Australia make a halt in Port Douglas.

One more sunset.

And the jelly fish net. It never gets really deep before the net stops you swimming in the water. Maybe 1m30. I will not miss Port Douglas.

Ok, I did not have much to say either in this post.



  1. The bird is a yellow crested cockatoo

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