Posted by: Larzizou | September 22, 2008

London, England

It was not planned, but since Rudy offers me the Eurostar ticket… I am going to London for the weekend. I actually spent the first day (or few hours) of my whole trip in London – for 24h – since my flight from London to Nairobi had been delayed. Good to be back.

Rudy and I in his brand new Mini. On a sunny day…

Cornwall Gardens, where Davaloutchi lives.

Davaloutchi. Moody.

Raph, moody too.

The opera house, I am told. I had to see a landmark building.

People queuing to get cash from the bank. The last time I saw something similar was in Zimbabwe. What’s happening ?

Denizboul et Raph. Denizboul smiles because he sees daylight, which is slave job does not permit him to do so often.

A good pair (of models).

Left, eating kosher. Right, enjoying.

Street kid in Hyde Park.

Raph, moody again.

Denizboule, qui fait la gueule. Why is everybody so unhappy in London ?


My first, my last, my everything…

Michael Jordan used to live here.

Tight shirts. That’s what Denizwater comes down to.

Megy Walouz. And us. In front of the trendy club. That’s where the fun is the be had anyway.

Now, inside the (other) club. This picture is particularly terrible.

Another one bites the dust.


Tango on electro music, such is Denizboul style.

Meggy, la force tranquille.

New – and soon forgotten – friends.

An essential lesson in life : what we give…

…we get back.

Est-ce-que tu sais les choses ?

It is well known that French women smoke cigars.



Not bad.

Emblematic London buses.

Summertime… And life is easy…

Muay Boxing chiseled his abs to perfection.

Playboy trio.

She can breathe.

(Roller-)dancing in the streets…

Ada, Photoshoot number 1.

Ada, again.

Some more.

Spring Summer 08′ – Dolce Vita.

Bien sur.

New friends.

Kind of like a playboy, without the play.

Prince of Persia.

We look good.

Better in black and white though.

The newlywed going back home…

Ready for the next step : Thailand !!!


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