Posted by: Larzizou | September 22, 2008

Paris, France !

Sometimes, life sucks. It has not for me for a long time, alas, all good things inevitably come to an end. That is how I introduce that, right in the middle of my world tour, I am going back to Paris for a happy event – my sister’s wedding. Flying thousands of kilometers for ten days of celebration.

Below, Damianus Catorius, a friend I have not seen in ages. He is moving to Japan soon and so adopting the local pose.

That is Youros Boufonius, a very unable man. Sometimes, coming back makes you realize how you have not missed tons of people.

Walas Laclass. R.A.S.

My sister and her husband. Yeah, we look good in the family.

My cousin Garoo and his girlfriend. Yeah, we look good in the family.

Sunday, Monday, happy day !

Bellitouf, Bellibof, Bellitugz, his criminal activities force Belliboul to use many aliases

He also is a professional dancer and singer, in Barbes. Sample of his talent.

Davalouchi learning the steps from the best.

Bellitruc is also a part-time model. Contact me for inquiries. Here, with Las Cruzas.

She does not know yet, but he is about to propose. And she is about to say “yes”.

Raphabdoul and Ka-the. They met in the factory where they both work.

What resembles a chenille, Meggy style.

Seletzboul, in mint working condition.

Unabrow made a promise to himself (that nobody asked him) – not to let food go wasted tonight.

Still finishing the job. While Remouz does what he does best : eating.

El Crab and Youros wearing suits is a nonsense. So despaired are men.

For momma’s birthday, we go to the weirdest restaurant ever. It specializes in molecular gastronomy.

Rather special combinations of tastes and textures.

One of the specialities : red tuna incrusted with foie gras. Foie gras is one of my favorite things in life.

Believe it or not, all of these three dishes are cheese.

And five dessert dishes.

Sascha. Young, alive and kicking.

She is my little cousin (I mean, the daughter of my cousin).

To be continued…



  1. wow i think i’ve seen you sometimes in london…. and somehow found you’r page, god knows how!:)))) love every single page… contact me please i wanted to ask you about you’r travelling

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