Posted by: Larzizou | September 22, 2008

Sydney, Australia

My first sight of Sydney… Promising.

And the second.

Fleur. I stop her at the airport “You look familiar… Do I know you from somewhere ?” And this is not a pickup line. Yes, I do. We met at Chill House in Buenos Aires five months ago. And she was in the same plane as me, from Cairns to Sydney. She is meeting her mother today, before getting off to Asia. Coincidence number 230498.

I live in the central area of Sydney. Club X, health, sexuality and lifestyle products… Need I say more ?

All of these amenities obviously close to Chinatown.

Aerial (clean) trains. Why are we so backwards in France ?

Hyde park, minus the crazy people.

The Sydney tower. I have at least 74 photos of it. Did not climb it though.

Hyde park, bis.

Globalization in motion : Toni and Guy in Sydney.

Is high rise buildings the icon that comes to your mind when thinking about Sydney ? It was not for me.

And palm trees ? Neither.

People playing human-size chess. The man with the cap was the veteran, and respected. Pushed the peons savagely kicking them with his feet…

My hotel.

A perfect rendition of something Greek. I ignore what though.

Globalization in motion, part II : Hermes.

This guy was, in the middle of the most busy commercial street, stuck like that, eyes peering at nothing. Maybe on crack. For minutes, watched him, waiting. I left before him. Odd to look at in comparison with the superactive surrounding.

A tourist city too. Heading to circular quay…

That’s Sydney !

Close to the (shark infested) aquarium.

More buildings.

The flag reminds you of the country’s history. Some help.

Who I believe to be two american tourists. The man, wearing a Boston celtics jackets and his “girlfriend”, a “shorty” cap. Where do you think they come from ? I almost peed in my pants when he looked at me noticing I took a picture of them.


In the aquarium.

How to distinguish a crocodile from an alligator ? You don’t have time : run.

Why does crocodile taste like chicken ?

This will, I hope, change your perception about the dangers of surfing.  Na, I don’t really care. I wonder though what percentage of drownings occured while surfing though…

Shark !

The favorite fish of Hungritch. She once ate one (adult, full size) for breakfast and is known to have said after “what is there for dessert ?”

That’s more like it.

Have you ever seen a platypus ? I stayed at the Platypus Hostel in Bogota but had no clue what a platypus was. The most odd-looking creature I have ever seen without contest. Odd is the way it “swims” as well. In case you ever get close to one, it is dangerously poisonous.

Max Brenner Sydney branches predated New York ones, where I liked to treat myself at least twice a week.


A typical Sydney-ite. Style with attitude and blondness.

Try to beat that, Tarek Daher.

Asians everywhere, who would have thought. And, of course, the harbour bridge.

One of the world’s most famous construction. The history of its construction – and how its architect was successively evicted from the project and reinstated into it decades later for the renovations – is quite interesting. I am sure you can find it online.

TV crew.

The bridge is only grossly 1,200m long. Not that many died building it. For more facts, try this.

Welcome to Big Brother land !

Speechless. Try this.

Jack Lang took part (and not the best part) in the history of the Harbour Bridge. Can you believe it ?

From afar.

Too many security nets, in my opinion.

Speechless II.

A fine structure, somehow reminding of the Eiffel Tower.

Speechless III.

This is Karin, one of the very good friends of Chantelle, Youri’s girlfriend. She enjoys graphic arts and posing like a Japanese.

I bring (myself and) all the pretty girls I meet to Max Brenner, so here we are. Much to my despair, they don’t do the chocolate fondue with a mini fireplace to burn the marshmallows as in New York. So we opt for the waffles.

Karen shows me around, the redlight district and all. Inspirational perspective on Sydney.

In the tunnel next to Central Station, on the walls, a scientific reasoning demonstrating the evil-ness of the David star – the star has six external point, internal point and unbroken triangles; 666 being the devil number in the contemporaneous stupidology, you guess what that means.

Going even further in the demonstration/stupidology. Two triangles multiplied by six makes 12 tribes. And then keywords : 13 cycles, anti-christ… What has Hollywood/Internet dones to simple minds…

Now mixing politics and religion, pornography, internet and Islam. Getting high-brow.


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