Posted by: Larzizou | September 22, 2008

Sydney bis, Australia

In case you are wondering : a) yeah, Sydney deserves two posts and b) this is the Queen Victoria Building.

New York, New York. Props to my friend Steven Chabalou, a big fan of the now defunct (I think) Bond Street restaurant.

Harbour bridge, again and again.

I treat myself to the opera house. I mean : inside it.

Today’s concert : the eigth seasons. Including Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and four other pieces. The acoustic is quite amazing.

So is the architecture.

No ?

In retrospect, I think I prefer taking pictures of other random people rather than myself. Preferably Japanese people.

Jamiroquai would be proud. Aboriginal culture / instruments.

Le Monde : home away from home.

Sharp one, huh ? I challenge you, Tarek Daher.

I go to what is supposed to be one of, if not THE, best restaurants in Sydney : Rockpool. It specializes in seafood and not just any type of seafood : eco-friendly seafood. I had never heard of that concept before. Neil Perry, the chef, gives some hints on the first page of the menu. Basically, fish flesh is not as good when the fish is stressed, that is, when killed in a stressful way and/or the fish lived in a stressful environment. The chef also emphasizes the importance of preserving the resources. Fair enough.

Of course, all that comes at a certain price and he would rather make you pay a high price than serving you second hand fish, he says.

I, on the other hand, am not sure.

Nevertheless, it is succulent.

This has to be the best souffle I ever ate. Passion fruit souffle.

Crazy John’s !!!

Big Ben… NOT.

Business man in a busy city.

Musician trumpeting Tetris in the city street…

I told you in the previous post that I had loads of pictures of the Sydney Tower.

Back to a random library, where translations of Proust and Radiguet’s Devil in the Flesh (Le diable au corps) can be found. Go French literature !!!

I take myself to Imax Sydney 3D movie theater, endowed with one of the biggest screens on earth. Playing : a documentary on endangered underwater species, told by Hollywood (80s) star : Daryl Hannah.

Without the 3D glasses.

With them. You cannot see it on the screen, but the technology still needs some improvement.

Sunrise, sunset.

That quote, “Red is Dead”, might not be understandable to all of you to the same extent. To me, and probably many French people who grew up in the 80s-90s, it refers to La cite de la peur, a 1994 classic comedy written and performed by Les Nuls.

Big Ben (…not) at night.

Tonight, I meet up with Karen (see previous post) and her boyfriend in the redlight district. I like the scene.

Then we go for a drink to a nearby bar with her brother and a friend of his, a Chilean girl. Traveling is about meeting people and culture too, right ?

Kangaroo kebabs… Where else in the world ?!

Now, down to the suburb, only a few minutes from the CBD. Wonderful beaches.


The bay.

Alex, best friend of one of my best friend’s brother, right, one thumb up, drives me there. The healthiest person I have ever met. Last night (that is, Friday night), he did not follow me out to wake up at 5am this morning for a 180km bycicle ride. Five hours. Followed by a tennis game from 5pm to 8pm.

He has been living in Sydney for two years and is in love with the city. Unfortunately for him, he has not been able to move his friends here… and is 24h away flying from home.

What would  France be without cheese ? Italia without Pisa tower ? America without McDonald ? Zimbabwe without Mugabe ? The world without Guyve Sardari ? And Australia without surfers ?

Keep in mind that you are only 15minutes driving away from the city. I am sure that for anybody that has lived in sure a big city, that is quite a feat.

Breaking the waves.

Boots forbidden ?

Another night, another scene. The White Horse. Good crowd, excellent male/female ratio (quite a feat too for someone who has lived in Paris) and very decent music.

There I meet Gina, who has been living in Sydney for close to two years. Initially from Eastern Europe, she emigrated to America early on, where she studied and went to college, before settling in Sydney.

As we speak literature, not in the most appropriate venue I agree, I suggest that she reads Gogol’s Diary of a Madman, which, with the ambiant music and my dubious accent, she understands and writes down as… Diarrhea for a Madman.

Later on, with street people…

Another side of Sydney at night.

Gina and I trying (failing?) to take original pictures.

Thai restaurants have pun-based names in Sydney. Here, Thai-foon.

The internet cafe with the biggest screens I have been to. And in seven months, I have been to a lot of internet cafes.

Right before leaving Sydney (and Australia altogether), I go to the fish market. The biggest in the Southern hemisphere I am told.

Sashimi fresh from the sea. One of my freshest and best meals in Sydney.

Look at these mean pieces of birds.

Chips in the shape of kangaroos.. Where else in the world ?



  1. Great pictures from Sydney. I would like to see there…

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