Posted by: Larzizou | September 29, 2008

Koh Tao, thailand

Three hours under the heat on the deck of a slow boat to get from Koh Phangan to Koh Tao. Booooriiiinnnng. And I can`t stand anymore Pimsleur Spanish teaching ipod tracks. I stare at the sea.

And at drunk people. Not surprising as we boarded around 8am.

The sea. Nothing but the sea. The old man and the sea. Travel around the sea in 80 minutes.

Luckily we arrive… in paradise.

And I can see the shadow of g.od.

The same confusion. Probably not the best period to visit the island. The same party-prone immature crowd (I belong to?).

Here they are. After Africa and Bangkok, I meet Grant and Pippa again in heaven.

We decide to stay at the quiet Chalok Bay, instead of the busy Sairee beach, where all the late teenagers and early twenty-something get drunk, wasted and accidented (motorbikes) all day and night long.

Dreamy location. View (almost) from my window.

The only issue ? You have to walk kilometers into the water to bath. And even then, it is not that deep.

Right, the path leads to Taraporn. A restaurant bordering the sea.


The bay.

My brother.

Grant, a random person left, and Catarina, the diving instructor.

The fattest dog I have ever seen.

Richard, another Welsh Grant met in his diving course. Bucket is the norm in Koh Tao as well.

Look carefully at the picture. And answer. The person on the left is a) a woman, b) a man, c) both, d) I don`t know. Richard came close to kissing her. The day after, we noticed a nascent, sexy moustachio. Oh Richy.

Love ? No, lust.

Wet pants, that is what happens in open air beach parties. The place where (almost) everybody congregates in Sairee beach is Lotus Bar.

This guy told me he was from Hawaii and showed me his tattoo for proof. I am no expert and had no idea what it meant. So I checked it on – you guessed it – Google. Apparently, there is a longstanding Polynesian tattoo tradition in the Island. Check this out.

This young British speaks surprisingly good French. He used to leave in the South of France where he was an English teaching assistant. For those of you who have seen Le Perile Jeune, the same kind of adventure happened to him with one of his student as the TA in the movie.

This is how we roll in Koh Tao, quad mafia.

People expect you to leave your shoes/flip-flops outside any covered area in Thailand. It may take huge proportions, hundreds of pairs litteraly lying before bars/restaurants doors. Not everybody being honest – or sober – Rich came back with only one of the flip-flops he brought along.

Deluxe room at Buddha View. Not Sing Sing, but still…

I cannot get enough of that view.

Eazy Bar, a quiet one in Chalok Bay, with excellent (and not too loud / conversation compatible) music. Very friendly Burmanese staff. Guitare and Burma songs to be expected after 2am.

Fluo paint.

Random people. At night, meeting (drunk) people is really (almost) all you do in Koh Tao. Not the best way to spend the night, I agree…

After Winter must come Spring.

Buddha View nightly bbq comes highly recommended. Relatively moderately priced and extremely well stocked. The duck is exquisite.

Day excursion to Sairee beach. Rumor has it that the shape of the tree is natural. I have hard time believing it though.

If all classrooms could be like that…

Sairee`s main street.

There is something you need to know about Thailand`s RedBull. Well, I will let you test.

Taking the diving course – theoretical section. Watching a boring documentary aimed at 6 year old.

Some more Chalok Bay.

My cell phone. Unlike in France, the operator tells you in which (cellular) area you are.

I am not yet an artist.

In Thailand, nobody eats french fries. Instead, they eat French Fried. I saw it twice on restaurant menus.

Another random group of people, composed of German, British and Americans.

The much revered King.

Jimmy and Remouz as we are getting our advanced open water diving license. The sign ? Everything is ok.

John, Japanese style, one of the dive masters.

He may be taller than I am now. Poor me.

How did he grow up that much ? By eating. He is longing for food all day long. Only thinking about eating. After every dive, a platter of pineapple was offered to all the boat divers (15-30). Remy single handedly managed to eat half of the platter – every time.

Checking the pressure.

The Cohen brothers.

The best picture of my whole trip. I will frame it.

Inflate the BCD !

Me, Nathalie – a newly appointed diving instructor -, Jimmy – our diving instructor -, Nathanael and Remouz, both getting their advanced certificates.

Mission accomplished. Remouz and I almost died. On our last dive, without any instructor, but only John  – the dive master – behind us, watching us, Remouz and I got absorbed making odd signals. Trying to communicate underwater is not an easy task without any corresponding table. Instead of the 18m we were limited to, we went as low as 25m. And it was only when John asked us how much oxygen we still had that we realized we were 50bars under the threshold. So we had to go back up without making the required stop a 5m. Luckily for the diving company insurance, we survived.

The cocktail list at Buddha View. Mai Tai, the local cocktail I am not fond of…

Getting back to Bangkok for good. I am not sure what “porn” means in Thai, but it`s everywhere, at the end of many many words. Chumporn.

Buddhist traditions/decorations.

Will you give him some durians please ?


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