Posted by: Larzizou | October 1, 2008

Bali I, Indonesia

Minimal text, and pictures on this one. It’s for you, the froudj connexion.

Enjoying his last few days of bachelor-ness.

Lawiss loves them young.

Las Cruzas teaching vice to Remoustachio.

I teach him brotherhood.

We all teach him friendship.

Pucelle, or in English, virgin (for a woman). Scary.

Not less scary. Will you really get married Maalox ?

The villa we rent.

Our Portuguese playboy.



El Duce, Guyve Davaloutchi Sardari.

He tried champagne and wine at bar-mitzvah and weddings, Saring Fly in Singapore, buckets in Thailand and thought he could handle straight vodka at room temperature…

At first, everything is fine.


…not for a long time.

Communicating with nature.

Swimming in the grass.

Monument dedicated to the 2003 bombing. Over 200 death. Tourism still has not recovered and hovers around 50 percent of what it used to be.

Teenager go-go-girl action at M-bar-go.

Lawiss loves them etudiantes.

On the right, in the background, she knows her moment is approaching as Las Cruzas is getting drunk.

The biker crew.

La vida loca, where we end most of our nights inevitably.

Pineapple will do him better than vodka.

A bunch of surfer wannabes.

Playing soccer with 5 year old. Not taking too much risk…

And Maalox is outmanoeuvered. Zoom in to figure out.

Props to me for capturing what is really easy to capture in Bali – the perfect sunset.

I’ll drown you, annoying kid.

The fantastic four.

Helmut Newton.

Grave dans la roche.



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