Posted by: Larzizou | October 1, 2008

Bali II, Indonesia

It looks good, it smells good, it costs a lot, but it’s nothing to go crazy about : it’s Kudeta, one of Bali’s swankiest restaurants.

The food induces sleep.

The bill inflicts pain.

“Dis moi oui” translates into “say yes”. The board faces the reception desk, where you pay the bill…

This is not a severe form of acne, Remy god badly stung by mosquitoes when he fell asleep outdoor, drunk for the first time. Let that be a lesson.

Denizboule and an etudiante. Denizboule loves etudiantes.

Romain and a beautiful… woman ? man ? We don’t know for sure.

Denizwater, elegant as usual.

Surfing in dangerous water is what we do – for a living.

Them too.

Our host.

Jimbaran, the best place in the entire world. Really. Inexpensive grilled seafood. Crab, squid, monster tiger prawns… you name it.

Back to M Bar Go. Female Djs…

… make Tom happy.

A 18 year old Dutch terribly insensitive to my charms. Behind, her friend giving false hopes to Denizboutchou.

I am about to… do nothing.

Michael, inexpected encounter. We met in summer camp ten years and have not seen each other since. He is traveling throughout Asia for three months.


I have had enough of British girls.

Denizboulou, fresh as always.

Two more etudiantes.

About to leave Bali to Gili Trawangan.

It’s 7am and we have not slept. Well, Maddox has.

More artsy shots.

Getting pampered.

Parce qu’on le vaut bien. (Fake) Raybans, from left to right.

For Guyve Davalou Sordaria, left foot is pedicured, right foot is massaged.

Another day ends, another night starts.



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