Posted by: Larzizou | October 19, 2008

Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok, we are told, is gorgeous. We only have two days to make ourselves an opinion.

Looks promising, at first.

And repetitive.

“Les femmes et les enfants d’abord”, as French people say.

If someone knows what Nelpon means, please do tell me.

More rice paddies.

So many opportunities taking landscape shots because from the port we arrive at to Kuta (in the Southern tip of Lombok), it takes us three different vehicles and about five hours including the wait (overall, the distance should not exceed a hundred km).

Hard to live surrounded by more green space.

There we are, in Kuta Lombok.

And there we leave, with their backpacks two other Europeans on a journey.

We settle for a reasonably priced hotel. Prices have significantly dropped in the last 2-3 years due to lack of tourism.

In the surrounding area, there should not be more than a few hundred persons living, and dozens of tourists.

Remouz is one of them.

Another alien.

Back to basics : the beach.

The colors of the few next beach pictures may seem inconsistent; it is so because I played with the options.

With hindsight, I am not sure I can tell how the beach actually looked.

What I am sure of is that it did not look this heavenly.

Leyla leaving, after having in vain tried to sell me handmade ridiculously priced sarongs.

Note that big seed sand is not the most agreeable.

Black and white; no more dispute about the colors.

Notice the Havaianas, holding the sarong to the ground. Years of practice.

The worst internet connection ever – and a decisive point in my trip : cancelling my flight to NYC to lengthen my trip for five weeks in South East Asia.

What would Indonesia be without Bintang beer ?

So many pictures of Remouz and me on this post.

Not much to write.

These were days of quietness.

The worst boat experience of my life. Seven hours on a smelly, humongous floating construction.

And Indonesian Karaoke to help us endure the long commute. Only made it worse.


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