Posted by: Larzizou | October 26, 2008

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Welcome to… ?

Why the hell did I stop in Kuala Lumpur, many of you may ask ? Legit question. After all, I have skipped so many important, endearing destinations I was really close to. Necessity made me go to Kuala Lumpur. (KL) Flying from Bali to KL was considerably cheaper than flying to Bangkok. Being able to cross another country’s name on the globe “been there, done that list” was another motivation. Other than that, I had never really given a thought to KL.

KL is hot and will make you sweat. A lot. The persistent durian street smell will also make you sweat (or throw up). As in many countries, my first meal in Malaysia will be the delicious international institution… Mc Donald. Regretfully. Tastes terrible; probably in par with Colombia’s Mc Donald’, which was the worst I tried. But again, what were my options ? Roasted duck and chicken ? I would have tried if it was not ridiculously overpriced (about 10 euros for a dubious unidentified ugly-looking chunk of meat) – had to be in the tourist area.

Not having much time, I try to keep myself entertained in Chinatown’s street markets, which is more a fake market than anything else. You think these sneakers below are for real ? Look again. Most of these can be bought for less than 15 euros.

Coen’s bros, once more. Notice the petit grand Remouz.

Mmmmmmmhhhhhhhh durians. I do not understand how can one enjoy the taste/smell of durians.

Street art is pervading. Not very refined.

Skyline from the subway.

Hard to find one square inch without ads in the subway.

Kuala Lumpur, one of the biggest muslim cities in the world I am told, second to Jakarta only. Asian muslims. Veils, or hidjab, here, are most of the times, painted in bright or light colors. Very rarely black, dark grey or navy blue, as in Europe or the Middle East. Quite surprising – and nice.

Local fruits, longanes and leechees poilus.

The best food that can be found in KL, at this unassuming bintang bukit deluxe burger joint, stresses repeatedly the annoyingly intrusive waiter. Models and actors come here. Really ?

Samanta and I. I met Samanta in the bus, on the way from the airport to the city. I sit next to her and we begin to chat; she is Argentinian and away from home for three months. Spent a month and a hald in Indonesia, and a month and a half traveling around Malaysia and South East Asia. Another occasion to practice my shaky Spanish.

As we wander more in bintang bukit area, hopelessly trying to find something fun to do on a Tuesday evening, we end up at a concept store about to open, two days later: cloth and clef. Ethaya is behind the two-storeyed project, which includes a bar with live music performance, an art gallery with rotating expositions and imported designer cloths. Ethaya used to live in San Francisco.

The live music stage, downstairs.

The bar.

Virgin… the most appropriate name for a condom brand ?

Flowers… I guess you have to fight the tenacious durian smell.

Women against chauvinism…

Street food stall.


Cultural differences can sometimes be seen in the details… like an umbrella.

And the famous KL tower. From Chinatown, it takes us ages to get there. Everybody we ask keeps telling us it’s a ten minutes walk from where we are. But really, we have walked for over an hour.

Walking like a big froudj.

With my newfound friend, debating the virtues of calling an award the “excellent food award”. To me, it’s counterproductive. Reminds me this uni math TA whom, when I asked him a letter of recommendation, wrote it beyond expectations, and coined the unfortunate expression “very excellent”. “Philippe is a very excellent student”. Thanks, now I can trash the letter.

Mosque inside the mall.

Bookstore in a mall; host of self help books regarding dating. Dating, Inc., and else. Really. I am not sure reading books will improve oneself attitude towards facing people.

Another favorite of mine : Donald Trump. The Art of the Deal. How to get reach. WHY we want YOU to be RICH. My fascination goes alike to him and to his stupid readers / followers.


Two hours later, the Petronas Towers.

And us.


Praying the Lord.

This is one of the many – failed – attempts to take a picture of a women wearing a burqa. One day…

Taking off.

Japanese style.

9/11 style. Look up right above the left tower.

Held up.

What prompted the owner / manager of the premisses to plant a “this land is not for sale” board ?

Copyrights to Sam for noticing the special angle.

Great architecture. Too bad the shady light impedes a clear view of it.

Sam and Remoustache fighting with box glove – covered sticks.



  1. Wow man…I couldn’t help laughing going through your Kuala Lumpur trip blog. Its quite Interesting how you see things… Well thats your honest opinion of Kuala Lumpur. I love reading blogs and getting to see things in different perspective…hmm Back to mine
    Living it in Kuala Lumpur

  2. Pond un post la je rigole plus.
    Si je retombe sur ce texte la prochaine fois que je passe, je te tranche la gorge.

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