Posted by: Larzizou | September 28, 2008

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Every lunar cycle, that is, thirteen times a year, Koh Phangan hosts the wildest, largest beach party the world knows. I did not go to Thailand only to party, but since a full moon party is in the must-do-before-you-die list of many… I did go to Koh Phangain for that reason. Haat Rin, at the South of the island, is the set. People get started and ready early on… Bucket is the norm. For less than 10 USD, you get a bucket filled with ice, 20ml of your choice of liquor and soft drinks.

Alcool impedes improves your vision.

Painting oneself is another form of attraction. I am not sure who it attracts or why, but this is what people do.

Good soldier, Remouz too takes a bucket full of vodka and redbull. One of his first drinking experiences. Everything is spinning around him.

Each party hosts thousands of people, some say from 5,000 to 30,000. Full of half naked people. Many get injured, tripping, falling, getting bruised from various souces and for various reasons – very few fights, if any.

Can you see anything ?

If you like electro music and dancing and the beach, altogether, chances are you will enjoy the FMP.


Too many stalls selling buckets. “Julia Bucket. Fuck I love you.”

Some more beach stalls.

Why ? Maybe because nobody home will know. At least, that`s what some of the people I met and questioned told me.

In the (dirtiest) public toilets, hate speech. Why ? Maybe because inner feelings tend to surface under – alcohol, drug – influence.

Still pumping in the morning. Around 6am.

An elusive shadow emphasizing that each moment should be enjoyed as if the last. No, I am kidding. That could be a bad line in a Hollywood teenager movie. I have seen many of them, so I know.

Why do people dance ? Oh why ?

Why do people bath, swim or just stay in the shallow water where hundreds, if not more, peed all night long ?

No comment.

Two Israeli girls. The left one was stunning. Everybody is more approachable at 6am. That is, everybody I want to talk to. I, on the other hand, am always approachable.

Sunrise, sunset… Tradition.

Look at him, look at her. I see an arbitrage opportunity.

A recent survey demonstrated that young British vacationers were the worst, in terms of public outrage, congestioning police precincts and hospital`s emergency rooms, following alcohol-induced misdeeds. It made the headlines on CNN and in various publications.

Indecent exposure should be added to the list…

Now, it`s probably 8am. I am not sure it will end anytime soon.

Alas, I am tired.

Note : he is too.

Don`t worry, be jewish. Does not work for me.

Superheroes were there too. Lower left corner, Super Con !

I, myself, am not a pervert. However, I bet you people stared at these too young (not so) innocent creatures and even took pictures.

My friends know I like chocolate. I really do. I also like candy. In fact, I eat them on a daily basis. When I was younger, I used to mix them all together. But Nutella + mars + twix crepes… These guys are going too far.

The lane where we reside.

The beach around the corner, nothing special.

What we enjoy most during our stay in Koh Phangain – fresh seafood. Every night, we eat bbq`ed massive Tiger Prawns, shark, squid, brracuda, crabs and else.

Shark. I know most people have something against sharks being eaten. When all the meat is consumed and not only the fin, does it make a difference though ?

Around the FMP, everything is overpriced on the island. It is rather annoying. A quad rents for 1,300 bahts (45 USD) a day, instead of the usual 700. Tiger Prawns sell for 250 bahts per 100 grams, instead of the 100 in the close by Koh Tao. A comfy double room sells for 1,500 bahts instead of – I assume – much less. Kind of spoiling the experience. I doubt prices are driving all these persons below out of the island !

As you see, the crowd is young, faintly clothed and mostly backpacker-style.

Koh Tao island comes in fashion following every Full Moon Party. Boats are full the next few days. Boats full of future certified scuba divers – including me.


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